Jason Furie Enamel Pins

Created by Jason Furie

Pre-order enamel pins from Jason Furie's previous crowdfunding campaigns including Rental Rumble, Pizza Pinz, and Movie Moths.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

⚔️ FANTASY is LIVE NOW w/ MOVIE MOTHS Pins Available!
10 days ago – Fri, Apr 12, 2024 at 05:47:29 PM

Hey movie lovers ❤️

I wanted to let you all know my newest enamel pin crowdfunding project FANTASY has ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT! It's a collection of enamel pins celebrating some of my favorite fantasy genre odds 'n ends. Just another super niche passion project like Movie Moths. I would love some support if you are a Fantasy nerd like me!

If you pledge to FANTASY, you can add-on all my previous Movie Moths and/or Pizza Pinz designs as well 🍕


Jason Furie ✌️

📦 Movie Moths are 100% Shipped!
9 months ago – Fri, Jul 28, 2023 at 11:06:25 PM

Great news folks! Movie Moths are 100% shipped!

I hand-packed every Movie Moths pin with extra care myself (in the middle of the night while watching crappy shows on Netflix). Some of you may even have your moths in hand now! If not, I did send out tracking info to everyone so you can check the status. Worth noting, it may take a little extra time for international orders to arrive, and a few international orders did not qualify for tracking. But they are all out there on their merry way to you!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Movie Moths could not have happened without you. I am forever grateful I got to make these lil creatures. I hope you love them. Moths are cool and so are you!

Now all my attention is going towards my next crowdfunding project on BackerKit — Realm Runners.

Stay tuned, it's going to be epic.

Jason ✌️

📦 Movie Moths Shipping This Week!
10 months ago – Sat, Jul 08, 2023 at 09:37:03 PM

Great news everyone — Movie Moths pin orders start shipping this week 📦

After a small delay with my card back printer, all is now on track and I have everything I need to start shipping. So keep an eye on those mailboxes 👁👁 Your little moth friends are on their way home! And if you missed the last update, you can see the finished pins HERE.

This has been such a fun experience all around and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported this passion project.

And once all these pins are shipped out I'm full steam ahead on my next project — a new tabletop game called Realm Runners which you can get a sneak peak at HERE

Jason Furie ✌️

If you didn't back the LIVE campaign, you can PRE-ORDER HERE and I'll throw your order into the mix this week.

📦 Movie Moths Pins Are Here!
11 months ago – Tue, Jun 06, 2023 at 10:35:48 PM

Hey everyone, I have some great news — the Movie Moths pins have been manufactured and have already been delivered to my home to prep for shipping. And they turned out fantastic 🎉

A few updates to share about what's coming next:
  • I'm still waiting on my backer cards to be delivered. Says they will be here by June 15th.
  • Once those are received, I'm ready to start the shipping process.
  • We are 100% on schedule and I can't wait to get these little moths to you all.

Without further ado, here's a look at the Movie Moths pins and the backer card design:

I'll be sure to update you all once I get the backer cards and start shipping! I love how these turned out and they look even cooler in person. Thank you all for your shared love for both movies and moths. This was a lil' dream project come true. I could not have done it without everyone who backed this project while it was live on BackerKit. Thanks again!

Jason Furie ✌️

💌 Surveys Locking & Cards Charging
about 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 18, 2023 at 10:25:30 PM

Great news everyone — 90% of you have completed your Movie Moths survey! That means there are still 10% of you that need to complete this step in order to get your pins on time ⏳

I'll be locking all orders on Wednesday, April 19th around 5PM PST so make any adjustments such as adding more pins to your order before then.

Then, on Thursday, April 20th around 11 AM PST I'll be charging all cards!

And some more great news —
my manufacturing order for the pins is all set and ready to go! All I need to do is pay the invoice which I can do once all cards are charged and processed.

So we are right on track and it looks like I'll be getting the pins in early to mid May and then I will ship to you shortly after.

I'll keep you all updated and share pics when I get them.

If you did not back the LIVE Movie Moths project, be sure to PRE-ORDER NOW and I will process your orders alongside everyone else.

Jason Furie ✌️